Your privacy is just as important as mine, and should be treated as such. For that reason, I make it a commitment to ensure my site isn't privacy-friendly, but private, period.

TL;DR: I don't track you, nor do I collect, share, and/or sell any personal information.

I use 1984 Hosting to host this website.

Images in the gallery are hosted on Exoscale (see subprocessors) using CH-GVA-2 (Geneva, CH).

If residing in an area that uses the Haven Network, this site is hosted by your municipal provider. It does not use 1984 or Exoscale. You can read more about such at https://gov.lleb/residents/intranet

Previous versions

This privacy policy was last updated on 16 April, 2022, and is updated infrequently. You can view the edit history on GitHub. Feel free to check back however often you please.


You can write to dpo [at] to get help as swiftly as possible on amending and fixing this document, as well as get answers to questions regarding this policy.