Ways to Support

Like the things I do or want to support my projects? Here's how you can help.

Send good vibes

The best you can do is show your appreciation

  • reach out to me for anything, even if it's simply to say thanks for something I've done or send me a song recommendation
  • share things that I've made or been a part of with others
  • contribute in FOSS projects of mine

Support those who need it first

Monterey Bay Aquarium banner Every two quarters, I choose a charity to match up to 100 US$ to. These are commonly tax write-offs in the U.S. and help put money in the pockets of those who deserve it the most.

From 1 june, 2022 to 31 december, 2022, we're raising money for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Donate on their website and send your receipt to foragoodcause [at] maatt.ch

Basically everything from this point on are very generous ways to help support my projects or support me.


Don't feel pressured to donate anything, but I appreciate every penny I receive; it helps further emphasise the reach and impact of the things I make.

I accept donations via Liberapay.

Wishlists and gifts